Living boldly, hanging out with alphas …

Hi! The first podcast for this year is all about living boldly and how you can join me on this journey. I talk about how your daily habit will decide whether you meet your goals for this year, why you should sit with the alphas and why you need to walk away from the table […]

Zoleka’s story from abuse and neglect to victory and restoration

This week’s podcast is a sit down with Zoleka Hatitongwe. She is the director of Upsurge which is an accommodation and volunteer service based in Cape Town. You can find the website here and the facebook page here. She is also the brains behind Phenomenal Women Africa. She shares her story from being in an abusive relationship, […]

What daddy taught us and why you should not spend money on a man?

This week on the podcast we are continuing from where we left in the last episode of #TheTalk, l had with my friends we cover daddy issues and the good father figures we have had in our lives from great brothers and wise uncles #therealmvps. We also talk about how love is expressed through actions and […]

What our EXs​ taught​ us

There say that there are never mistakes just lessons, in this weekend podcast we are sharing the lessons we learnt from past mistakes relationships. We don’t regret them because we have grown up and learnt from our EXs. This podcast is deep, and we were open and honest with you. We covered so much from being […]

Spilling the tea on our worst dates ever!

Dating is not easy and in this weeks episode l am joined by my girls Pretty and Nompilo and we are dishing the dirt on our worst dates from blind dates, awkward sessions, cockroach invasion, counselling sessions, and tinder dates gone wrong. We hope you find these true stories, funny, heart warming and you learn […]

Lessons I Have Learnt So Far In My Twenties

In this episode, I share some of the lessons I have learnt in my twenties. These include self-love, being your own hero and the art of investing in yourself.     Other platforms you can listen on and subscribe on. Buzzsprout Itunes Podcast Sound Cloud Stitcher   Let me know what your thoughts are in […]

Truly Enchanted Podcast Introduction​

Welcome to Truly Enchanted. You may be wondering who I am and why I decided to start this show. In this introduction episode, I share what inspired this podcast and what you can expect as well as a bit about me. Other platforms you can listen on: Buzzsprout Itunes Podcast Sound Cloud Stitcher    


I just finished watching the series Insecure by Issa Rae. I know, I know that I am late to the party. The show is about modern day black women. Usually, black women are described as strong and confident (#blackgirlmagic) but Molly and Issa are the opposite of that description. As best friends dealing with real […]

Lara’s story and Financial Abuse

Hello, Enchanted Fam. I just finished reading the Silent Wife by Kerry Fisher. It’s a thriller based on two-second wives to Italian Brothers. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense as it is a book filled with unexpected twists and turns. However, for this post, we will focus on Lara who is […]

I love you as long as…

Healthy relationships are built on love, trust, compromise, and sacrifice. Do you have a boundary or conditions on what you will accept from your partners in order for your relationship to remain healthy and happy? A condition or boundary in this context will be the actions, behaviors, and attitudes that you deem are damaging to your […]