It is​ never too late

From a young age, my Father has always told me, “it’s never too late to do the right thing.” I have come to treasure those words and use them as my personal mantra. When I make a mistake, whether it’s at work, in my business, or relationships, instead of becoming discouraged and heavy burdened by […]

I will love you as long as…

Healthy relationships are built on love, trust, compromise, and sacrifice. Do you have a boundary or conditions on what you will accept from your partners for your relationship to remain healthy and happy? A condition or boundary in this context will be the actions, behaviours, and attitudes that you deem are damaging to your mental, emotional […]

Healthy vs Unhealthy relationships

I am a romantic, I am not afraid to say it. I believe in happily ever after just like in all the fairy tales I grew up reading. Just to clarify I do not believe in perfect relationships but in a love where l am happy and so in my partner. Happiness is defined differently […]