Zoleka’s story from abuse and neglect to victory and restoration

This week’s podcast is a sit down with Zoleka Hatitongwe. She is the director of Upsurge which is an accommodation and volunteer service based in Cape Town. You can find the website here and the facebook page here. She is also the brains behind Phenomenal Women Africa. She shares her story from being in an abusive relationship, […]

Quiz time: Is it love or control?

Love can be confusing and sometimes you know someone loves you but you have this nagging feeling that something is not right but you cannot put your finger on it. Or perhaps you have an idea that something your partner is doing is wrong but you need confirmation then take this quiz and find out… […]

Cycle of Abuse

What makes an imperfect relationship different from an abusive one is this cycle of abuse.
The cycle of abuse refers to the continuous and repetition of harmful acts of violence. Think of it as a cycle of a bicycle that keeps on going when it’s peddled. It is a pattern that will happen many times in a relationship.
The image is a summary of the traits of an abusive relationship