What are you building with in 2017?

As we start 2017, setting our goals and planning our next steps, its time to evaluate what we are building 2017 with? In the area of relationships, future marriages and homes what are you building?


Brave heart 

Part one When you speak to me Your speech is encrypted A system code that I cannot decrypt Oh but I noticed you've since adopted the habit of trying to take my heart on a trip to soothe your ego I'm done collecting hope and making excuses for you My head hears you but my [...]

Enchanted by the glitter 

Alice was part of the praise and worship team at my church, she was stunning and had the voice of an angel but that is not what attracted me to her. It was her understanding and sympathy. From the day we met, we had a similar background, problems, and visions. We would sit for hours [...]

Healthy vs Unhealthy relationships

I am a romantic, I am not afraid to say it. I believe in happily ever after just like in all the fairy tales I grew up reading. Just to clarify I do not believe in perfect relationships but in a love where l am happy and so in my partner. Happiness is defined differently [...]

Enchanted at the library

We bonded over our mutual love of books and good coffee. He was different because he liked classics, he was a perfect gentleman always carrying my books, opening the door and pulling the chair out for me. He had a way of making me feel comfortable and he always looked at me as if I was the only girl in the room.

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