Pioneering innovative technologies in Zimbabwe and Africa

Hi All, This week’s episode is an interview with Tawanda Chikose, a visionary & multi award winning technology entrepreneur with a passion for solving Africa’s societal problems using innovative technologies. Other platforms you can listen and subscribe on. Buzzsprout Itunes Podcast Sound Cloud Stitcher Tawanda is the founder and CEO of Road Rules Solutions, a […]

Our reality

Our reality is our perception of our world and depends on what we pay attention to.

How we interpret what we pay attention to depends on our beliefs, prejudices, cultural conditioning – our lived in experience (our past), our mental models and our worldview
For example

Reward yourself

This week on the podcast, I cover positive reaffirmation by rewarding yourself. I also talk about how learnt how to reward myself, why it is important and the various ways to do so. Please make sure to subscribe, rate and comment! I also, want your feedback! Comment on below to let me know what you think! Other […]