The Psychologists told me it was unrealistic but God…


Truth be told, this was a hard story to tell…but it has to be said. When I was 14 years old psychologist told me I would never speak and write the way I currently do…but God had other plans.

Listen in and if you can relate and have you own but God story then please leave a comment below.


Until next time…Live an enchanted life!


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  1. Dahlia Zvikomborero Patsika says:

    This is too powerful, thank you for sharing a great story of your life which is truly life changing to someone and i must say nothing and no one can ever limit your potentials!


    1. wastrulyenchanted says:

      Thanks Dahlia and that is so true. God always comes through with Grace and Love šŸ’Ÿ


  2. He is the God of making the impossible to become possible. The gap is where God operates very well and faith/love grow. Expect exceptional and supernatural and He will not disappoint. šŸ™Œ


    1. wastrulyenchanted says:

      yes indeed!!


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