Living boldly, hanging out with alphas …



The first podcast for this year is all about living boldly and how you can join me on this journey. I talk about how your daily habit will decide whether you meet your goals for this year, why you should sit with the alphas and why you need to walk away from the table if it no longer serves your purpose.

Let me know what you are hoping to achieve this year in the comment section and please subscribe to the podcast.

Until next time… live an enchanted life!



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheri Traxler says:

    Love the name of your blog and your message.


    1. wastrulyenchanted says:

      Thanks Sheri


  2. Judith Okech says:

    I want to write three more books by the end of 2018. For sure, I need the boldness you’re talking about.


    1. wastrulyenchanted says:

      Awesome stuff, all the best with the books! what will be books be about? πŸ™‚


  3. Tammy Dunlap says:

    You have a sweet voice and offer practical wisdom in this podcast!


    1. wastrulyenchanted says:

      Thanks Tammy!


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