This weeks podcast Guest is Tumi, this felt like a sit down with a wise friend and we discussed faith, the power of prayer, being a #girlboss, living passionately by pursuing life goals and so much more. This interview will refresh you and energise you.

Boitumelo Moalusi-K aka Tumi is 30-year-old lady born in Johannesburg. Tumi is also a clothing brand owner, a fashion and opulence lifestyle blogger and a YouTuber! She shares her life experiences with an aim to empower another woman.unnamed-2

She has been in retail for over 10 years; having worked at national retailers and international brands. She is passionate about woman empowerment and cancer awareness. This has resulted in her starting her own company in clothing, Bevstar. Bevstar is a clothing brand that is targeted at a modern contemporary woman. She is on a mission to pursue her many passions and to be a blessing to others.

Follow her journey here:

  • Twitter- @tumibev1
  • Instagram- @bevstaronline
  • Business Instagram- @bevstarapparel
  • Facebook-Boitumelo Moalusi-K
  • Website- http://www.bevstaronline.com

If something jumped you please leave a comment and until next time, live an enchanted life!


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