Lorna Scott: dynamic and a lady of many firsts, including a gin revolution



This week’s podcast guest is a lady of many firsts. Lorna Scott is dynamic, driven and authentic. She is a disruptor and a storyteller using Gin. She launched Inverroche Gin in 2012 in Still Bay. She had never worked at a distillery before, let alone had any experience in the liquor industry. Her background included marketing and being the Deputy-Mayor of the Hessequa Municipality.


Lorna was the first to infuse gin with fynbos, creating a new category in the local and international liquor industry. Her passion for sustainability has led to a successful eco-friendly business where 70% of the staff is women employed by the local community and
the entire gin-making process, from distillation to bottle, is symbiotic with the environment.Three -FINAL-V2


Lorna’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to learn everything you can about your chosen industry to ensure you have the confidence and insight to make calculated decisions.

Listen to the episode for more information on how she started, the journey this far, lessons learnt and all the exciting things she is working on. Gin botanicals

Follow her at:

Twitter – @Inverroche

Facebook – @Inverroche

Instagram – @Inverroche

Shop – https://www.inverroche.co.za


Until next time… Live an enchanted life!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Phon Baillie says:

    I love her advice for entrepreneurs. Can’t wait to listen to the whole thing when I get home!


    1. wastrulyenchanted says:

      She is pretty awesome and her advice is priceless. Thanks for listening.


  2. Marissa says:

    What an amazing woman! Her gin sounds amazing.


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