Hi All,

This week’s podcast is graced by a prospective President, Mr kwandile Sikhosana. Mr Sikhosana is the co-founder of Daveyton book club, a TEDx speaker, part of the Mail and Guardian top 200. He is a Yali Alumni (Barack Obama initiative to enhance and educate young emerging South African Leaders). He is also working on a project to build a university.

He is definitely, a busy man and he took some time to drop a few nuggets of wisdom with us. We spoke about the power of humility, how your background doesn’t decide your future and so much more.


He is currently reading The Presidents Keeper, 3 feet from Gold and A Dream Deferred. He lives by the idea and thought that he should always live a life in accordance to what the Bible expects and to be an ambassador and resemble what God expects him to be.

If you loved the talk and would like to get in touch with him: Use the links below:

University project: https://db.tt/J3ZzEGBgGr
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ukwandile




Until next time…live an enchanted life.




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