Hi, it has been a minute. I have been doing a lot of reflecting as well as creating new and exciting content and having some fantastic interviews you will get to hear very soon for the podcast. Since I was undergoing some reflection, I wanted to share the tools I am using so we can grow together.

I studied business and accounting in undergrad, and I am currently pursuing my postgraduate studies in that area, one of the things that are always stressed is continuous process improvement, which is simply put as an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. These efforts often seek incremental improvement over time. Theories that support this are Kaizen and Total Quality management among many others. The process usually includes:
Step 1: Identifying opportunities or weakness
Step 2: Plan how to address this issues and improve the process
Step 3: Implement changes
Step 4: Review and start from step 1 again


CI process

Each step is essential in the process. I believe that this process is just as critical to an individual, usually every year we set goals and resolutions, but we fail to implement one of the steps and sometimes this leads to the same results year in and year out. We start feeling like life is passing us by, and we are stagnant. The idea behind this exercise is to slowly improve each year, to get better, be better and be one more step closer to where you want to be.

Thus, take some time and fill in this reflection/ review guide on 2017 and then start from stage one for 2018 and keep going through this process, it will definitely help you grow. Also as an additional step, share your guide with a loved one, family member or a friend so they can help you be accountable.

Get comfortable in a quiet space and grab a cup of coffee, tea or wine, whatever helps you relax. A lot happens in any given year, and this exercise it might help you look back and be honest with yourself about what you liked, didn’t like, what you learnt and what you will change in 2018.You can either write up your reflections in your journal or on your laptop/tablet OR print out this guide and enter your responses in the spaces provided.

Click on the link to download the reflection guide or enter your email and get it delivered to your inbox for later reference.

2017 Reflection Guide by Truly Enchanted



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