If you don’t have ambition, you shouldn’t be alive. – Aliko Dangote


I grew up watching national geographic and The Animal Planet so when I came across the below quote in the book, The Hustles Bible by Gayton Mckenzie, (which I spoke about here) it really stood out to me. Ambition is part of the process, and it opens up your mind to the opportunities around you.

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This is a winning combination for anyone who has set a goal. The goals can range from career advancement, physical fitness, successful hustling. Either way, it is never easy to go out and pursue what we want that is where the lion’s heart comes in. The Lion’s heart is defined as possessing or displaying courage; able to face and deal with danger or fear. As the saying goes, feel the fear but do it anyway. 


Opportunities are usually found outside of our comfort zones and sometimes while we pursue them we are forced to do things we never expected. For instance, starting a side hustle takes bravery. Taking your ideas from paper to the market is no easy fit, and it takes courage to act. Another example is my personal experience, I am an introvert but having a blog means putting myself out there and opening up my mind to you the reader. Yes, it was scary when I started but going through this has helped me to grow in many ways and learn many skills. To achieve your goals and attain your dreams, you had to have the heart of a lion and just step out in faith #bebrave.

It is important to not only be brave not to be strategic as well when going after your goals. This is the where the brain of the Fox comes in. On a surface level, the fox seems like the trickster of the animal kingdom always up to some mischief, but it is cunning, resourceful and intelligent. This is seen in its hunting strategies to camouflage. The fox gets about the business of living life with sass and class.


To finish off this recipe for success we add some will power, will power is the control exerted to do something or restrain impulses. This is essential as wishing alone will not make our dreams materialise but putting in the work will. #Youreapwhatyousow.

Another great book by Gayton Mckenzie


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  1. I think a big part of it is to be willing to make bends in the road but to keep the end goal the same. Things will come up that need flexibility but we also need to not let them throw us off the way entirely. That said, true success must come from God so always be sure that’s who we are following because otherwise that could be the reason for our failures!

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