Stop being lazy, doubtful and overconfident!

There are three things that have, in my opinion, led to failure in my life. I don’t mean my life is a failure but I’m talking about the little bits that felt big in that particular moment. Things such as getting a distinction in a subject, getting the job I wanted or just being the next JK Rowling (maybe this one is stretching it a bit). Things that I would have otherwise achieved if not for these little devils. Yes, you guessed it, the three things are laziness, doubtfulness and finally – overconfidence.

Let me start with the biggest obstacle of them all LAZINESS! How I despise it but sometimes I just can’t help it. Instead of studying I would rather just stay in bed and it’s not because I’m tired, it’s just because I feel like it. Sometimes I have really great ideas but then the thought of doing…

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