I just finished watching the series Insecure by Issa Rae. I know, I know that I am late to the party. The show is about modern day black women. Usually, black women are described as strong and confident (#blackgirlmagic) but Molly and Issa are the opposite of that description. As best friends dealing with real life issues their insecurities come to the forefront as they cope with an endless series of uncomfortable everyday experiences.


The show is addictive as they deal with everyday scenarios anyone can relate to especially if you are a millennial. The characters are more real than what we usually see being portrayed on TV and Movies. The cast is young, black, #gettingtheirlives together in a real and relatable way.

The cast members all deal with different insecurities but for this post, we will focus on Molly. Molly is a high-powered corporate attorney, who has her life, finances, body, and almost everything in order. She is hashtag goals all day and every day #careergaols #bodygoals and #freindshipgoals. However, Her romantic life is a mess, to say the least, its either she can’t keep a man or she is chasing away the men in her life. She is not willing to compromise when it comes to her career and she is the perfect friend but when it comes to her relationships, she is willing to settle for anything.




A prime example of this is when she meets and falls in love with a guy whom at first she likes but resists cause he doesn’t meet all her requirements for a boyfriend. After some failed dates and hook ups with other guys they try and make it work. The relationship is going smoothly and then one night they talk about random life events from college and she finds out that he once experimented with another guy.


What HE said



This bugs her and she tries to move past it but after a while, she decides to break up with him cause that was a deal breaker for her. But in typical Molly fashion after a while she is knocking at his front door at an ungodly hour delivering a speech to him about how she should just settle for him, clearly, that didn’t end well. Her best friend, Issa, advises her to see a life coach or a therapist to deal with her insecurities and the reasons why she keeps running back to relationships that are not working for her.

I know a few Mollys in real life and I have been a Molly before. Raise your hand if you have been there and done that and sometimes gave a pass even when someone broke your deal breakers or crossed the line. But you live and you learn. Now I know what I want, don’t want and have my boundaries in place that way I avoid unhealthy relationships and time wasters.

Do you have deal breakers? If so please leave a comment in the section below on what they are. If you have watched Insecure also leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it are.


Until next time…life an #enchantedlife



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  1. I have not watched insecure before but from your article, I see it to be a great thing to watch. Any nice work here. In the case of a deal breaker, yes I have had the experience but then what can one do.

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  2. I binged Insecure in one night and can’t wait for the next season. I loved how the characters could be a wreck in one aspect of their lives and excel in others. Seemed very real. And it’s so funny!

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