Part two

But I’m just a church girl tired of all

The junk coming at me

So I’m putting it out there

Oh but for that brother keeping his cool

Who knows his own mind

I want to tell you that I won’t wait


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I mean it

I can’t wait

For that moment

When you can be honest with yourself

And search your heart

And arrive at the conclusion

That this ball of sweetness was

God engineered in the depth of the

Recesses of God’s mind

Where perfection and purity rests

The place where his genius resides

I can’t wait for that moment

When you speak respect

And courtship

The language of real men

And understand that you protect

What you love from ridicule and shame

I can’t wait to have game night and

Date night with you

I can’t wait to hold hands all the way home

Only to walk back and forth for hours

Cause none of us is ready to

Let go and say goodnight first

I can’t wait to risk everything

To throw caution to the wind and

Dance to wind chimes as we knit our

Hopes together with each passing day

To feel so deeply so purely

With reckless abandonment

I can’t wait

For that day you go down on knees

Bended and say

Deep beyond the surface

I want you to know

You are beautiful
By UMind?!


Published by Ava Tutsi

Ava Tutsi is a Disruptor, Blogger and Advocate.

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